Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Students are exposed to a rich arts-integrated curriculum and a range of extracurricular activities that put them on a path for future success.


Students are given opportunities to optimize their potential.  They explore the arts through a challenging and innovative curriculum.  They meet talented and passionate teachers who help them to recognize their unique learning style.  Most of all they find that they are embraced and respected as a valuable addition to the CCSA community.


Students study visual art, instrumental music, vocal music, theatre and dance.  The skillful practice of the arts empowers students to unleash their creativity, bolstering their critical thinking skills and enhancing their approach to all academic subjects and areas of life.


CCSA offers a wide range of sports opportunities for our students and many of our teams have become a source of pride for the school community.  Students are pushed to reach their full potential while learning to work effectively within a team environment.


It is the intention of the school to reflect the community it serves. Applications are accepted from any family residing in the Chester Upland School District or surrounding districts in the area.


In 2017, CCSA opened the doors to a new $30 million campus on Highland Avenue in Chester.  The beautiful facility now stands as a beacon in the community, sending a powerful message of permanence and hope to Chester's children and families.


Partners play an important role in exposing our students to enriching activity aimed at preparing them for long term success once they graduate from CCSA.

What's Happening

By the Numbers


of CCSA Seniors have graduated.


Average Attendance.


K to 12 Students


of CCSA graduates pursuing post-secondary college or technical school. 


of seniors graduate with a purpose plan for long term success.


K to 5 Student to Staff ratio.