Under the initiative of John Alston, Founder and Director of the Chester Children's Chorus, a small group of individuals created a new school for Chester students, offering an innovative and rigorous curriculum.  Throughout our history, the focus has always been on the students and finding the most effective means of supporting their development.

October 2011

CCSA Foundation submitted an application to the Chester Upland School District (CUSD) to establish the Chester Charter School for the Arts, now named Chester Charter Scholars Academy (CCSA), a K-12 program with an arts-integrated curriculum.

September 2012

CCSA opened for its first day as a K-6 school with full enrollment and a complete staff.

Spring 2014

Achieved the third highest year to year PSSA scores improvement among 800 public schools in the Philadelphia region.

June 2016

Broke ground for the new campus that was made possible through $7 million of private support from the CCSA Foundation and $23.5 million from bonds at 1500 Highland Avenue in Chester.

June 2019

CCSA graduated 100% of its first class of 12th grade students and sent them off prepared for college, technical school, the military or gainful employment.