Celebrating Black History Month

Nearly 94% of CCSA students and 72% of Chester’s population identify as black. While our teachers and leaders incorporate black history in their lessons all year, February features an extra special opportunity to celebrate black culture, heroes, and pride. In every grade and in every subject, we provide our students with an honest and accurate depiction of black history - from the injustices to the victories and everything in between.

Breaking Ground on Math

CCSA has officially broken ground on a building expansion to accommodate specialized math programming that is being provided to our students!

Keeping up with CCSA

The 2023 school year is packed full of exciting opportunities for all of our students thanks, in part, to the many community partners that work with CCSA. 

The Math House

In 2021, temporary modular units were installed next to the school building to house the new math intervention program. The dedicated space allows our teachers to work with students one-on-one and in small groups to provide focused math instruction.