CCSA Volleyball- We are One!

The 2021 season turned out to be the most successful one to date for the CCSA Girls Volleyball team, but the results were a culmination of years of hard work and determination.  Not only did the team qualify for the District playoffs, but four Sabers were also recognized as part of the All-District Team - both firsts for the young program.  

The program undoubtedly has a bright future, but when you talk with Coach Ryan Fisher, who also serves as the CCSA Athletic Director, and any of the athletes, you will consistently hear words of appreciation for everyone that helped provide the foundation of the program’s current success. “When I started as the coach, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but we all had a passion to use the sport to build school spirit and teach the students life lessons they could carry beyond the court,” said Ryan. “Everyone that was involved with the program avoided focusing on wins and losses and instead focused on supporting each other and getting better each day.” 

The team had very few wins in the first couple years, but Coach Fisher continued to promote a positive mentality that focused on the process versus the results.  The students bought in and steadily built momentum, winning more games each year, with many of the students returning each season with an increased sense of confidence and trust in each other.  Determined to put in the extra work needed to achieve their goals, the team even organized practices during the off-season.

“There are a lot of people that contributed to the success of this program, too many to mention, but the girls did all the hard work, the coaches and I just steered the ship,”said Fisher.  Graduates Cianni Flecha and Aneesa Freeman were great role models and leaders for this year's seniors DeNae Ellitott, Jordynn Logan, Monet Lee, Anijah Clark, Jaiana Jones, and Samara Robinson.  Juniors Ca’Nai Waterton, Damyra Smith, and Taylor Davis were also integral parts of building this program.  “The foundation of the program has been built by some very incredible young ladies that will go on to great success in life.  There are some big shoes to fill, but I know the underclassmen are ready to put the work in to keep this program going in the right direction”.

The program can also take pride in the fact that several alumni continue to participate in the sport during their post-secondary endeavors.  Aneesa Freeman, class of 2020 graduate and current member of the Penn State Brandywine Women's Volleyball Team, said “being a part of the volleyball program at CCSA has taught me that a negative outcome doesn’t take away from the work that you put in.  I am so proud to see this team continue to grow and flourish. I can’t wait to see the future accolades to come!” 

Like Aneesa, we are all very proud of everything the CCSA Girls Volleyball team achieved in 2021 and look forward to the successes of the program in the future.  Many thanks go to all of the coaches, supporters and team members who have made this success a reality.