College check-in with Sean DeShields

When we first reached out to Sean DeShields, Class of 2021, to check in on his college experience, the first thing he said was “college is going very well. I’m really enjoying it! It's making me a better person and I’m learning a lot,” followed immediately by, “I miss CCSA so much. I’m a saber forever."

Sean is using all the skills he acquired during his time at CCSA to thrive and succeed at Bowie State University, an

HBCU in Maryland. Sean was a star player on the CCSA varsity basketball team and has decided to turn his passion for sports into a career by majoring in sports management. He intends to join the varsity basketball team at Bowie next year, after he's had some time to acclimate to his newfound independence and to focus on his academics.

Like many students, Sean initially found the transition from high school to college to be challenging. He credits his teachers and mentors at CCSA with instilling a sense of accountability that has helped him triumph in his new endeavors. He said, “I had teachers that would regularly pull me off to the side to have conversations about accountability and having to prepare for the real world when I graduated. This helped me a lot with life after graduation and when I started off in college.” Sean was able to successfully manage the transition, finishing his first semester strong and feeling enthusiastic and confident about his future.

Sean takes great pride in Chester, his family and CCSA and keeps in touch with his former classmates regularly. He ultimately wishes to set a good example for students looking to follow in his footsteps, including his sister who is currently in 4th grade at CCSA. He is eager to come back to speak with our older students about his experience and hopes to help them develop the confidence that they need to successfully transition to college once they graduate.