High School Theatre Documentary “Don’t Shoot” Earns Accolades

CCSA’s High School Theater Elective class won the "Outstanding Documentary Theatre" award at the West Chester Theatre Festival for their documentary entitled "Don't Shoot"

“Don’t shoot” was conceptualized, filmed, performed, and edited by the high school students as a response to recent public focus on police brutality. With the support of theatre teachers Alyssa Franklin and Jennifer Camp, each student in the class interviewed two people on the topic and then, as a group, edited the words from the interviews into a script. The students reenacted the interviews, playing the part of the interviewee, sharing the powerful and important words they compiled via their conversations with community members.

The adjudicators of West Chester Theatre Festival were very supportive of the original piece calling it "very mature and exciting work". They are anxious to see more from our students  and hope that this topic can be expanded upon, possibly even taking shape as a live performance.

Click here to watch "Don't Shoot"