Senior Spotlight: Get to know Jayda Ragland

CCSA senior Jayda Ragland is aiming high - like applying to fifteen colleges/universities high. What is even more impressive is that she has already been accepted to thirteen of the fifteen schools, and is still waiting to hear back from the remaining two. This accomplishment is nearly as impressive as Jayda herself.

Like many students, Jayda was forced to transition into the world of virtual learning when the pandemic hit over a year ago. And, like many students, Jayda did not think she would ever get used to distance learning. While she missed classroom structure and seeing her teachers and friends, she recognizes a silver lining to her distance learning experience. She learned how to quickly adapt, self-motivate, avoid distractions, and stay focused – all skills she knows will prove useful in her college career and beyond.

In Mr. Deery’s English class, Jayda and her classmates have been tasked with making a five-year plan for life after graduation. Jayda said, “I'm really enjoying thinking about life after graduation, and it is very helpful to have a structured plan in place to help me stay on track.” Currently, her five-year plan includes a major in Liberal Arts, but she hasn’t quite decided from where yet. Fortunately for the CCSA community, and for Jayda’s family, most of the fifteen schools she applied to are (reasonably) local, so no matter where she decides to attend, she won’t be too far away.

We are beyond proud of Jayda and all of the Class of 2021. They have shown true resilience, perseverance, and grit in these unprecedented times and have adapted to new challenges head-on, with grace. Reflecting on her time at CCSA, Jayda wanted to impart a piece of advice to all CCSA students; “I'd tell my younger classmates that no matter how hard things may seem, you have the support of the entire school to help you out.”