Seniors Complete Annual Pinning Ceremony

On Friday, September 25, 2020, staff and family came together, outside of CCSA, to honor the Class of 2021 in a Senior Pinning Ceremony. The Senior Pinning Ceremony is a special time for family and faculty to pledge to support our seniors through this final year in their educational journey with CCSA as well as a time for seniors to focus on what they will accomplish throughout the year. The ceremony allows us to pause, reflect, and cherish the journey that this year will bring for our scholars. Oh, and the ever-present lanternflies were yet another reminder of the craziness of 2020. During the ceremony, heartfelt and encouraging words were given by our Head of School/CEO, Akosua Watts, Director of High School, Brian Holm, and two fellow seniors, Canazha Young and Jayda Ragland. 


When asked about the graduating class, Mr. Holm explained that “As a whole, they have always been very positive and energetic, motivated to do their best in the classroom, and eager to represent their school through their participation and efforts in athletics, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities. This class is the first class to experience all 4 years of their high school careers in our new building on Highland Avenue. As we have grown into our school, they too have grown into themselves. While COVID has forced us all to be apart, it was a wonderful sight to see this year's senior class together celebrating with their families.” 


Due to COVID-19, many of the activities seniors look forward to having to be reconsidered or postponed, so “events like the Senior Pinning Ceremony are important to give our seniors the experiences that they have earned through years of hard work. We are committed to finding opportunities to celebrate our seniors and create special memories with them despite the circumstances.”, declared Mrs. Watts.