Showing Up for Showing Up

At the start of last school year, our school community established the CCSA Every Day campaign to promote the importance of regular attendance to students and families. Historically, attendance has been a major point of pride for CCSA, but the lingering effect of the pandemic created new barriers. 

Attendance mentors played an integral role in the program.  These volunteers provided encouragement, support, and accountability to students or families who had missed at least five days in the first marking period. Mentors worked directly with middle & high school students or with the parents/guardians of our elementary students. 

CCSA Foundation Executive Director, Chris Hanlon, found being an attendance mentor to be a fulfilling experience. "Serving as an attendance mentor allowed me to help students overcome obstacles to develop into engaged scholars. I’m excited to participate in the program again this year."The results were impressive, with many of the students improving their attendance and grades by the end of the year and fostering strong, lasting relationships with their mentors

If you are interested in becoming an attendance mentor for the upcoming school year, please email us at