Arts Integration

Arts integration combines an artistic discipline with a traditional classroom subject in ways designed to deepen academic engagement. 

Arts Integration in Action

In addition to traditional stand-alone arts classes, CCSA students benefit from a curriculum-wide arts-integrated model. Our classroom and arts teachers work together to develop units that creatively engage the points of intersection between a subject area and elements of artistic disciplines. These collaborative units are often enhanced through partnerships with institutions in the community, including the Lantern Theater Company, the Pennsylvania Ballet, and the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, and culminate with an exhibition of student learning and achievement.

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Meeting the needs of Chester’s schoolchildren

We believe that our model provides an essential response to Chester’s particular challenges by increasing academic engagement and daily attendance rates and by nurturing vital interpersonal skills in every student. We strive to decrease the impact of violence and stress in the community by fostering a space where personal and intellectual growth spring from communication and collaboration.