Mission & Philosophy

CCSA Athletics is committed to guiding our athletes to be the best people they can be, on and off the field.  It is our mission that all individuals associated with CCSA Athletics (coaches, staff, student-athletes, alumni, and parents) will value character traits developed through athletic participation.  We expect all participants to respect themselves and others, demonstrate loyalty, be good teammates, put the team before themselves, handle failure like they handle success, have school pride, have a strong work ethic, be honest, and show up prepared.  Success on the field or court will happen when we achieve the culture demonstrated above.

Our teams have steadily improved each year and in 2019-2020, the girls' varsity basketball team placed 2nd in District 1 and qualified for the state championships.  The boy's varsity basketball team was crowned District 1 Champions and also qualified for the state championships.  The Volleyball team continues to grow earning 11 wins last season.   Several of our graduates are continuing their success on the college level as student-athletes.


Participation Requirements

All scholar athletes must meet or exceed established behavioral expectations and grade averages. CCSA has developed a handbook for scholar-athletes that outlines the rules and regulations governing the athletics program. Athletes and their families should be familiar with this handbook.

Sabers Home Games

All K-8 students must be accompanied by an adult. Spectators are expected to follow the gym rules.

Sabers home game tickets are purchased at the door. We charge for any athletic event with a start time after 5:00 (including JV games). Gym doors will be open to spectators a half hour before the game start time.

Please note, we have a small facility: once tickets sell out we will shut the doors and not allow admission.


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