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During the ten days leading up to graduation ceremonies on June 16, 44 donors came together to secure a dollar-for-dollar match made possible by a small group of generous individuals. Together our strong community of supporters raised $36,289 in honor of the Class of 2021!

THANK YOU for providing critical support for CCSA's high-quality academic program to ensure that future classes have access to the resources needed to follow in the footsteps of our 2021 graduates.


Totals above reflect the dollar-for-dollar match made possible through the generosity of a small group of anonymous donors. The challenge ran June 7-16.

Class of 2020 Graduation Photo

CCSA's vision is that 100% of its students will graduate prepared for college, conservatory, technical school, the military or gainful employment. This means that students will demonstrate four essential qualities: Scholarship, Strong Character, Craftsmanship and Purpose.

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Student Spotlights...

No matter what you go through, school wise or personal wise, CCSA is always there. They will always be a family.

Monet is a rising senior who started her school career with CCSA as a kindergartener. Although she originally wanted to be a lawyer, she recently switched her interest to nursing after taking the health science elective classes with Ms. Ellis. When she graduates, Monet plans to combine her passions – seeing the word and helping others – to become a traveling nurse. At the Junior Awards Ceremony held last week, Monet was presented with the CCSA Award for the health science elective and health and wellness subjects, as well as the Presidential Award for English and history. Monet was also one of two recipients of the Leadership Award, a recognition given to students who model excellence and consistently lead others to be their best selves.

I have so many people who influenced me, so many teachers who watched me grow and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Most people probably don't get that in the schools they go to, but with this school its tough love – they give you a backbone to go into the real world. Somebody is always going to try to push you down but here, at CCSA, you have somebody lifting you back up. 

Kwaadera Blackwell is a proud member of CCSA's inaugural graduating Class 
of 2019. She attended Delaware State University to study Music Production but, amidst the pandemic, decided to take some time off of school to focus on working. Kwaadera can once again be found in the halls of CCSA, but this time as a special education teaching assistant. Being a teaching assistant at CCSA has opened Kwaadera's eyes to the world of education and she is now considering a career as a music teacher. She plans to enroll in night classes to complete her degree while still being able to continue the great work she is doing at the school.

What gives me strength to overcome any challenge is the teachers helping me stay focused on my future.Cameron Rochester is a rising senior at CCSA. While some students had a hard time adjusting to the online learning environment, Cameron thrived. With everything turning virtual, Cameron was able to put his technological expertise to good use and even became the go-to resource for teachers and student who were facing any technical difficulties. When he graduates next year, Cameron wants to pursue a career as an electronic technician to work on phones and computers. At the Junior Awards Ceremony held on May 28th, Cameron was presented with the Character Award for demonstrating expectational integrity, honesty, and accountability.