Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony

CCSA: From K Through Life

A strong and permanent endowment is the foundation of financial stability for all large and important nonprofit schools.  That is why we are launching our new $10 million endowment campaign, CCSA: From K Through Life.


Thanks to private donations, 100% board support, and a lead $1 million gift to endow the Joan K. Richards Head of School/CEO position, we are pleased to announce the public phase of the CCSA: From K Through Life $10 million Endowment Campaign.


CCSA boasts a student body of 695 children in grades K–12.  Our first three graduating classes have achieved a 98% graduation rate, compare to the 60% graduation rate at Chester's traditional high school.

All CCSA graduates are equipped with a post-high school plan of either a 2- or 4- year college, technical school, the military, or gainful employment.  Our graduates are prepared to succeed in life.

Class of 2020 Graduation Photo

Yariel, a 2019 graduate, spent two years in the military and now plans to attend college.  When he initially enrolled at CCSA as a 9th-grader, he was disillusioned with school.  Despite his early struggles, his teachers helped him develop his academic skills, work ethic, and a vision for future success.  Yariel speaks proudly about his accomplishments in the Army and attributes his success to the support he received at CCSA.  Our staff believed in his potential and provided him with the tools to succeed in life.


Our rigorous arts-integrated curriculum uses the arts as teaching tools for language arts, math, history, and science.  We also offer performing arts classes in dance, music, studio art, and theater.

Our Literacy Intervention Program provides intensive one-on-one reading instruction for first-graders, resulting in significant reading proficiency gains by the end of first-grade.  Since 2012 our first-grade reading proficiency has risen from 25% to 77%.  Our programs prepare students to succeed in the classroom.

CCSA also offers a wide range of sports opportunities for its students, including a strong varsity basketball program.  In 2019, the girls’ varsity team placed 2nd in District 1 and qualified for the state championships, while the boys’ varsity team was crowned the District 1 Champion and qualified for the state championships.

Our exemplary attendance rate of 94.7% is the highest in the Chester Upland School District (CUSD).  Our annual retention rate is 98%.  These two figures are testament to the quality of the CCSA program and the desire by Chester families to be part of the CCSA family.  Over 600 children are on the waiting list for CCSA.


Leadership is our strength.  CCSA is governed by a Board of education, business, civic, philanthropic, and community leaders, including a parent representative.  The CCSA Foundation Board, the fundraising arm of the school, complements the School Board.

Akosua Watts, a seasoned and dynamic educator, has been the Head of School since 2013.  Under her leadership, CCSA has grown in size and depth, providing an outstanding environment for learning.


A strong and permanent endowment is the foundation of financial stability for all large and important nonprofit schools.  Through the support of generous donors we have raised $4.3 million towards our goal of $10 million for our Endowment Campaign, CCSA: From K Through Life.

As a public charter school, CCSA receives a per student reimbursement from its school district that is approximately 50% below the per-student amount in affluent districts. The CCSA Fund contribution to the school makes up a part of that difference, enabling CCSA to provide a superior education comparable to that of our affluent neighbors.

With a permanent endowment, we can do better.

Saber Siblings Mentoring Program
Middle School Students


Our goal, a $10,000,000 permanent endowment, will ultimately provide $500,000 of annual income to supplement our CCSA Fund.

The endowment will be the bedrock of our financial sustainability.  It will ensure that generations of Chester children will always have the strong emotional and academic support that they deserve to succeed in life.

We value individuals like you who believe in CCSA's unique educational model.  Please consider making a gift to our Endowment Campaign, CCSA: From K Through Life. 

Together, we will guarantee the school’s future. The children’s lives depend on it.




To date the CCSA: K Through Life Endowment Campaign has raised $4.3 million towards our $10 million goal.