There are many opportunities to become involved at CCSA!

Classroom Volunteers

We strive to connect one qualified volunteer with each elementary grade classroom for the entire school year. This volunteer is matched to a grade level and classroom teacher based on individual skillset and availability. Often a few students are recognized as benefiting from additional support within each classroom, whether in developing academic skills (reading, writing, math) or developing positive social skills. Classroom volunteers work with these students 1:1 under the direction of the classroom teacher. Volunteers often continue in this program year after year, staying with a particular classroom teacher or moving up a grade level with a student.

High School Mentors

Each year we welcome dedicated and caring individuals who are willing to serve as role models and guide our seniors as they transition into their post-secondary careers.

Mentors will provide guidance as they assist students with:

  • Post-secondary career options
  • Resume writing
  • College applications
  • Financial aid
  • Scholarship opportunities

Friday Morning Friends

For nine weeks each semester (Fall/Spring), volunteer ‘Storytellers’ visit CCSA's campus to read with our Kindergarten students. As a volunteer Storyteller you will be paired with one or two students for the entire semester. The program aims to foster a love of books and offer encouragement as students learn to read independently.

We are incredibly grateful for the many volunteers from all over the community who have made this program such a success and joy for our youngest scholars as they are just learning to read.

*Friday Morning Friends continues virtually on Zoom at this time.

Support student artists and athletes throughout the year

There are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to visit CCSA to cheer on our students at after-school sporting events or attend artistic performances. Please let us know if you would like to receive notice of school events throughout the year including:

  • sporting events

  • art shows

  • dance, theatre and music performances

Student Art Show

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Required Volunteer Forms

PA Criminal Background Check

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FBI Fingerprint Waiver Affidavit (if you have lived in PA for the past 10 years)