Programs and Activities

21st Century (Out-of-School Time)

The Chester Charter Scholars Academy was awarded a $1.1 million grant over three years to provide students with educational programming before and after school and on weekends. The sessions teach science and technology through the lens of engineering and the arts, with a strong foundation on elements of mathematics (STEAM).

Skills Development

All students at CCSA have the opportunity to participate in a variety of STEAM sessions. These include math problem solving, entrepreneurship, coding, theatre improvisation, and scientific experimentation. In partnership with the Darlington Arts Center, students can attend performing arts sessions on Saturdays at CCSA.


Friday Morning Friends

For nine weeks each semester, volunteer ‘Storytellers’ visit campus to read with our Kindergarten students.*

Nurturing a Love of Reading

Through this volunteer program our incoming scholars are engaged right from the start in a positive literacy experience that develops their love of reading. Storytellers are paired with one or two students for the entire nine-week session. Friday mornings they read a book that the student has helped to select, and then discuss the elements of the story together. Many Storytellers continue throughout the entire school year and develop trusting, loving relationships with their students.

*At this time, Friday Morning Friends continues virtually on Zoom.

Health Science Elective Program

Dr. Barbara Klock Health Science Elective Program (HSEP)

Program Overview

CCSA offers a Health Sciences Elective Program aimed at supporting high school students who are interested in careers in medicine and healthcare. This program is executed in partnership with the Health Career Academy, founded by Main Line Health and supported by Aetna.

Professional Mentors

Participating students are able to engage closely with local professionals in the healthcare community through mentorships and internships. In addition to expertise acquired in the classroom, they gain real-world career experience in a range of settings, including direct patient care, healthcare administration, and support positions. The goal of the Health Sciences Elective Program is to expose students to the diverse employment opportunities in the healthcare industry and to equip them with the academic knowledge, practical and interpersonal skills required for success in this field.

Dr. Barbara Klock, MD, presents to CCSA students during the HSEP 2019/20 guest speaker series.

Reaching life and career goals is not always a straight line. More often it is a path full of twists and turns where seemingly unrelated interests intersect and lead to unexpected and rewarding opportunities.Dr. Barbara Klock, MD

Former CCSA School Board President



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